This is the prologue to devil's markings, a work in progress game. It is based on a princess who returns to the modern world in order to fulfill her promise to her deceased mother to protect the countries and bring them together. On her journey, she comes across several friends and foes. Things get harder for the princess but that won't stop her. She can make it better or worse herself and along the way fall in love of course.

Published Nov 19, 2017
StatusIn development
GenreVisual Novel
Made withTyranoBuilder
TagsOtome, Romance


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Is this the charater's actual names? Keventry seems odd. I do love the artwork though and being able to test it out without having to download seems much more practical. I like the wolf concept pretty interesting.  How much do you think you will need to make this game? Do you need volunteers?  What would be a great minimum donation I am wondering because I feel like this has a lot of potential and would like to donate money.